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National Route 1
Quốc lộ 1

National Route 1 (CT.01) near Từ Sơn, TP Bắc Ninh Province

Route information
Part of AH1
Length2,301.340 km (1,429.986 mi)
ExistedEarly 20th century–present
Major junctions
North end G322 at Hữu Nghị Quan Border Gate, Chinese border
  • QL.1B in Đồng Đăng, Cao Lộc District, TP Lạng Sơn Province
  • QL.4B in TP Lạng Sơn, TP Lạng Sơn Province
  • QL.37 in Kép, Lạng Giang District, Bắc Giang Province
  • QL.37 in Hồng Thái Commune, Việt Yên District, Bắc Giang Province
  • QL.18 in TP Bắc Ninh, TP Bắc Ninh Province
  • QL.38 at Ninh Xá Junction, TP Bắc Ninh, TP Bắc Ninh Province
  • QL.2A in Võ Cường Ward, TP Bắc Ninh, TP Bắc Ninh Province
  • QL.5A AH14 at Chui Bridge, Long Biên District, Hanoi
  • QL.21A in Phủ Lý, Hà Nam Province
  • QL.10 in Tỉnh Ninh Bình, Tỉnh Ninh Bình Province
  • QL.10 in Tào Xuyên Ward, Thanh Hóa, Thanh Hóa Province
  • QL.45 in Thanh Hóa, Thanh Hóa Province
  • QL.47 in Thanh Hóa, Thanh Hóa Province
  • QL.48A at Yên Lý Junction, Diễn Yên Commune, Diễn Châu District, Nghệ An Province
  • QL.7A in Diễn Châu, Diễn Châu District, Nghệ An Province
  • QL.46A in Vinh, Nghệ An Province
  • QL.15 in Vinh, Nghệ An Province
  • QL.12A AH131 in Ba Đồn, Quảng Trạch District, Quảng Bình Province
  • QL.9A AH16 in Đông Hà, Quảng Trị Province
  • QL.9B in Đông Hà, Quảng Trị Province
  • HCM Sài Gòn Highway in Triệu Giang Commune, Triệu Phong District, Quảng Trị Province
  • QL.14B AH17 in Hòa Vang District, Quảng Nam Province
  • QL.14E at Cây Cốc Junction, Thăng Bình District, Quảng Nam Province
  • QL.24B at Quán Cơm Hill, Sơn Tịnh, Sơn Tịnh District, Tỉnh Quảng Ngãi Province
  • QL.24 AH132 at Thạch Trụ Junction, Đức Lân Commune, Mộ Đức District, Tỉnh Quảng Ngãi Province
  • QL.19 in An Nhơn District, Tỉnh Bình Định Province
  • QL.1D in Quy Nhơn, Tỉnh Bình Định Province
  • QL.1D in Sông Cầu District, Phú Yên Province
  • QL.25 in Tuy Hòa, Phú Yên Province
  • QL.26 in Ninh Hòa, Khánh Hòa Province
  • QL.1C at Rù Rì Pass in Vĩnh Lương Commune, Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa Province
  • QL.1C in Diên Khánh, Diên Khánh District, Khánh Hòa Province
  • QL.27B near Cam Thịnh Đông Commune, Cam Ranh, Khánh Hòa Province
  • QL.27 in Phan Rang–Tháp Chàm, Ninh Thuận Province
  • QL.28 in Phan Thiết, Bình Thuận Province
  • QL.55 at Hàm Tân Junction, Tân Nghĩa Commune, Hàm Tân, Bình Thuận Province
  • QL.56 at Tân Phong Junction, Xuân Tân Commune, Long Khánh, Đồng Nai Province
  • QL.1K in Hố Nai Ward, Biên Hòa, Đồng Nai Province
  • QL.51 AH17 near Long Bình Tân Ward, Biên Hòa, Đồng Nai Province
  • QL.15 at Tam Hiệp Junction, Tam Hiệp Ward, Tam Hiệp District, Biên Hòa, Đồng Nai Province
  • QL.1K at Linh Xuân intersection, Thủ Đức, Sài Gòn City
  • TL 43 at Sóng Thần intersection in Tam Bình Ward, Thủ Đức, Sài Gòn City
  • QL.13 AH17 at Bình Phước intersection in Hiệp Bình Phước Ward, Thủ Đức, Sài Gòn City
  • QL.22 AH1 at An Sương intersection in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City
  • CT.01 Ho Chi Minh City–Trung Luong Expressway at Bình Thuận intersection in Bình Chánh District, Sài Gòn City
  • QL.62 in Tân An, Long An Province
  • QL.60 in Ward 10, Mỹ Tho, Tiền Giang Province
  • QL.30 at An Hữu Junction, Cái Bè District, Tiền Giang Province
  • QL.80 at Mỹ Thuận Bridge, Vĩnh Long, Vĩnh Long Province
  • QL.54 at Cái Vồn, Bình Minh District, Vĩnh Long Province
  • QL.61 at Cái Tắc Junction, Cái Tắc, Châu Thành A District, Hậu Giang Province
  • QL.60 in Ward 7, Sóc Trăng, Sóc Trăng Province
South endNăm Căn, Năm Căn District, Cà Mau Province
Highway system
  • Transport in Vietnam
quốc lộ 279 quốc lộ 1B

National Route 1 (Vietnamese: Quốc lộ 1 (or abbrv. QL.1) or Đường 1), also known as National Route 1A, is the trans-Vietnam highway. The route begins at km 0 at Hữu Nghị Quan Border Gate near the China-Vietnam border,[1] runs the length of the country connecting major cities including Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City, and ends at km 2301.34[citation needed] at Năm Căn township in Cà Mau Province.

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Road layout[edit]

National Route 1 runs across provinces and cities of Vietnam:

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  • Lạng Sơn (km 16)
  • Bắc Giang (km 119)
  • Bắc Ninh (km 139)
  • City of Hanoi (the capital) (km 171)
  • Phủ Lý (km 229, Province of Hà Nam)
  • Ninh Bình (km 263)
  • Thanh Hóa (km 324)
  • Vinh (km 462, Nghệ An)
  • Hà Tĩnh (km 510)
  • Đồng Hới (km 660, province of Quảng Bình)
  • Đông Hà (km 756, province of Quảng Trị)
  • City of Huế (km 825, province of Thừa Thiên–Huế)
  • City of Da Nang (km 930)
  • Tam Kỳ (km 991, province of Quảng Nam)
  • Quảng Ngãi (km 1054)
  • via 1D: Quy Nhơn (km 1232, province of Bình Định)
  • Tuy Hòa (km 1329, province of Phú Yên)
  • via 1C: Nha Trang (km 1450, province of Khánh Hòa)
  • Phan Rang–Tháp Chàm (km 1528, province of Ninh Thuận)
  • Phan Thiết (km 1701, province of Bình Thuận)
  • Biên Hòa (km 1867, province of Đồng Nai)
  • Ho Chi Minh City (km 1890)
  • Tân An (km 1936, province of Long An)
  • Mỹ Tho (km 1959, province of Tiền Giang)
  • Vĩnh Long (km 2024)
  • Cần Thơ City (km 2058)
  • Hậu Giang Province, km a đồ sộ km b)
  • Sóc Trăng (km 2119, province of Sóc Trăng)
  • Bạc Liêu (km 2176)
  • Cà Mau (km 2236, province of Cà Mau)


  • Total length 2,300.45 km [1]
  • Road width: 10–12 m
  • Road surface: paved with asphalt
  • Total bridges: 874 bridges, bridge load varies from 25 đồ sộ 30 metric tonnes


Highway QL-1, 1968.

The National Route 1 was constructed by the French colonists in early 20th century. It has been upgraded recently by Japanese ODA as well as loans from World Bank. During both the First Indochina War and Second Indochina War (the Vietnam War), Road 1A was the site of a number of battles between Vietnamese forces and French or American troops. One of the most notable engagements was the French Operation Camargue in 1953.

In South Vietnam, there were two divided sections of the main highway from Quang Tri đồ sộ Ba Xuyen (Ca Mau): QL-1 (National Highway 1) and QL-4 (National Highway 4). Extensive upgrade work was done on the QL-1, and QL-19 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers[2] during the 2nd Indo Trung Quốc War. In 1966 the 19th Engineer Battalion began đồ sộ "upgrade highway QL-1 from virtually a dirt trail, đồ sộ a class 31 all-weather road,[3] from Qui Nhon north đồ sộ Bong Son." By 1970, the QL-1 had been upgraded all the way đồ sộ Mo Duc. QL-1 bypass the route around Saigon-Bien Hoa. In the Mekong Delta, NH4 (now National Highway 1A) stretches distance of Long An province đồ sộ Ba Xuyen (Ca Mau) province.


The central section of the highway, from Hữu Nghị Border Gate đồ sộ Cà Mau, is planned đồ sộ be duplicated by the North-South Expressway.