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The Can-Do Camera
13MP AI Triple Rear Camera

OPPO A15s's AI Triple Rear Camera can capture any photo you dream of. The 13MP main lens preserves clarity, the 2MP macro lens captures fine details up close, and the 2MP depth lens makes every portrait perfect.

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Beauty that's
All Yours

8MP Front AI Beautification

Through OPPO's self-developed Front AI Beautification, OPPO A15s showcases your unique beauty in every selfie. After identifying gender, age, and region, a custom solution perfects skin tone and complexion for each face.

Portrait Bokeh

Hardware-level bokeh blurring makes your subject stand out and lets the background naturally fade into a soft blur.


Even in backlighting, HDR can keep you looking clear while also preserving background details.

AI Scene Enhancement

AI Scene Enhancement identifies 21 types of scenes and chooses just the right solution for each one, giving your photos more impact.

Macro Lens

From flowers đồ sộ food, capture the tiniest details in vibrant clarity from a distance as small as 4cm.

A Screen đồ sộ Sink Your Eyes Into
16.55cm (6.52‘’) Waterdrop Eye Protection Screen

A screen this size makes every đoạn Clip a big experience. Even under bright sunlight, every detail is easy đồ sộ see. Plus, Dirac 2.0 audio immerses you in the sound of whatever you're doing – watching videos, gaming, or listening đồ sộ music.

AI Brightness

Learns your preferences and automatically adjusts brightness

Dirac 2.0

A Battery that Just Keeps Going
4230mAh Battery

Our 4230mAh battery stays with you all day long. Watch HD videos online for up đồ sộ 16 hours³ or play games for up đồ sộ 6 hours³ without needing đồ sộ stop for a charge.

Super Nighttime Standby

Learns your sleep habits and
reduces nighttime power consumption

Extra Smooth,
Extra Spacious

Octa-core Processor

Keep everything running smoothly with 4GB of RAM, and enjoy 64GB of storage for all your videos, photos, apps, and more. To top it off, enjoy lag-free gaming and viewing with a powerful octa-core processor.



Expandable đồ sộ 256GB

Hyper Boost 2.1

Improves game performance and touch responsiveness

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Slim, Sleek, and
So Very Holdable

Thinner Curved Body

With its 3 chiều back cover and slimmed-down profile, OPPO A15s both looks good and feels good in your hand. Choose from three bold colors đồ sộ match whatever style your heart desires.

Just Like That,
You're In

Fingerprint Sensor & AI Face Unlock

Equipped with Fingerprint Sensor and AI Face Unlock, OPPO A15s can be unlocked with just a touch or a glance. OPPO's advanced facial recognition identifies you based on 128 facial features, giving you access in an instant.

Designed for
Your Convenience

ColorOS 7.2

Dark Mode

Our new and improved Dark Mode makes key information stand out and is easier on the eyes.

Smart Sidebar

Access files, take screenshots, and more, all from the tiện ích currently in use.


Edit raw videos into share-worthy masterpieces with ease.

Our Commitment
to Quality

The OPPO Standard

OPPO strives đồ sộ deliver products you can count on. Before ending up in your hands, your OPPO phone has undergone rigorous testing đồ sộ ensure top-notch safety, durability, and functionality.


Earphone Plug-In Tests


USB Port Plug-In Tests


Volume Button Tests


Power Button Tests


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