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I. Complete the sentences using the past simple form of the verbs.

1. I _____ at home all weekend. (stay)

2. Angela ______ to the cinema last night. (go)

3. My friends ______ a great time in Nha Trang last year. (have)4. My vacation in Hue ______ wonderful. (be)

5. Last summer I _____ Ngoc Son Temple in Ha Noi. (visit)6. My parents ____ very tired after the trip. (be)

7. I _______ a lot of gifts for my little sister. (buy)

8. Lan and Mai _______ sharks, dolphins and turtles at Tri Nguyen aquarium. (see)9. Trung _____ chicken and rice for dinner. (eat)

10. They ____ about their holiday in Hoi An. (talk)11. Phuong _____ to Hanoi yesterday. (return)12. We _____ the food was delicious. (think)

13. Yesterday, I (go)______ to the restaurant with a client.


16. The waitress (ask) ______ us if we (have) reservations.17. I (say), "No, my secretary forgets to make them."

18. The waitress (tell)______ us to come back in two hours.19. My client and I slowly (walk) ______ back to the car.
20. Then we (see) ______ a small grocery store.

21. We (stop) in the grocery store and (buy) ______ some sandwiches.22. That (be) ______ better than waiting for two hours.

23. I (not go) ______ to school last Sunday.24. She (get) ______ married last year?

25. What you (do) ______ last night? - I (do) ______ my homework.26. I (love) ______ him but no more.

27. Yesterday, I (get) ______ up at 6 and (have) ______ breakfast at 6.30.28. They (buy ) ………. that house last year.

29. She (not go) …………. to school yesterday.

30. That boy (have ) ……… some eggs last night.

II. Simple Past:

1. She (spend) ____ all her money last week.


3. I (lend) __________ my penknife to someone, but I can"t remember who it was now.4. John and his father (build) ___________ the cabin themselves last year.

5. My parents (sell) ____________ the stereo at a garage sale.

6. ___________You (tell) ___________ anyone about this yesterday?7. The unidentified plant (bear) ___________ gorgeous flowers.8. She (tear) ___________ the letter to pieces and threw it in the bin.
9. He often (wear) ___________ glasses for reading.

10. Before God He (swear) ___________ he was innocent.

11. Yesterday Clouds (creep) ___________ across the horizon, just above the line of trees.12. We both (sleep) ___________ badly that night.

13. She (weep) ___________ for the loss of her mother.14. Jane (keep) ___________ the engine running.

15. A huge wave (sweep) ___________ over the deck.16. Mum (pay) ___________ for my driving lessons.17. He (lay) ___________ his hand on my shoulder.


21. She (not /watch)………TV last night.

22. They (meet)………their friends at the movie theater last week.23. What………you (do)………last night.

24. ……… they (buy)………a new car two days ago?25. We ………….. (have) a lot of homework yesterday.

IV. Use the correct form of the verbs:

Yesterday (be)………. Sunday, Nam (get)………up at six. He (do) ………..his morningexercises. He (take) ………a shower, (comb)…………..hair, and then he (have) …………..breakfast with his parents. Nam (eat)………… a bowl of noodles and (drink) ………a glass of milkfor his breakfast. After breakfast, he (help) …………..Mom clean the table. After that, he (brush)………. his teeth, (put)………. on clean clothes, and (go)………… to his grandparents" house. He(have) …………..lunch with his grandparents. He (return) to his house at three o"lock. He (do)
…………..his homework. He (eat)………. dinner at 6.30. After dinner, his parents (take)……….him to the movie theater. It (be)………a very interesting film. They (come) …………..backhome at 9.30. Nam (go)………. to bed at ten o"clock.


V. Use the Past form of the verbs:

1- I (be)...a student 2 years ago.2- He (be)... a doctor two years ago.3- They (be)... farmers last year.4- Lan and Ba (be) ...nurses last year.5- It (be not)... cold yesterday.6- She (be not)...a pupipl last week.7- This hat (be not) ...new yesterday.

8- My parents (be not) ...teacchers two years ago.9- He (be not) ...a mechanic last Monday.

10- (Be)... he an engineer yesterday. No , he (be not)...11- (Be) ...It hot last week?

12- The windows (be) ...open last Monday.

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13- (Be)... you a teacher two years ago? Yes , I (be)...14- Where (be) ...Nam from yesterday?

15- Why (be) ...he unhappy last Tuesday?


18 - I (eat) ...a lot of fish yesterday.

19 - Her aunt (take)... her to see Cham Temple last year.
20 - Tuan (have)... a new bike yesterday.

21 - She (not buy)... a new ruler yesterday?

22 - He (not talk)... with his parents about his vacation in Da Lat last year.23 - They (not come)... school yesterday?

24 - The windows (not close)... yesterday?

25 - We (not return) ...at home at 7 pm last Monday.26 - She (not eat ) ...fish and crab yesterday.27 - Lan (not go )... Ho Chi Minh city two years ago.28 - My parents (not take)...to Vung Tau last week.29 - We (not have)...a lot of friends in Ha Noi.30 - Lan and Hoa (be)... your school two years ago?

VI. Write the questions with “Did…….?”and give the answer with “Yes/ No:

They played soccer yesterday afternoon- Did they play soccer yesterday afternoon?- Yes, they did./ No, they didn’t.


...2. She taught us English last year.

...3. They did their homework carefully.

...4. The Robinsons bought a lot of souvenirs.

...5. Tourist ate seafood at that famous restaurant.

...6. The teacher gave her students a lot of homeworks.

...7. His uncle took him to se Cham temple.

...8. Liz bought a lot of souvenirs.

...9. They put the fish in a big bag.



VII. Supply the correct verb form, positive or negative.

1/ It stopped raining, so I _____ off my raincoat. (take)

2/ The novel wasn’t very interesting. I _____ it very much. (enjoy).3/ We went to Kate’s house but she _____ at home. (be)

4/ She was in a hurry, so she _____ time to phone you. (have)5/ The story was very funny but nobody _____ . (laugh)6/ Tom was very hungry. He _____ like a horse. (eat)7/ The room was so cold, therefore we _____ well. (sleep)

8/ It was hard work carrying the bags. They _____ very heavy. (be)9/ The window was open and a bird _____ into the room. (fly)10/ It was very hot, so I _____ on the air-conditioner. (turn)

VIII. Write questions of the conversation. Use the cue words in brackets.Nam is asking Ba about his recent holiday.

Nam: ………..? (Where/ go?)Ba: I went to Nha Trang.


Nam: (2) ……….? (How/ travel?)Ba: We traveled by train.

Nam: (3) ……….? (How long/ stay there?)Ba: We stayed there for a week.

Nam: (4) Did you stay at a hotel? (stay/ at a hotel?)Ba: Yes, we did. We stayed at Thang Loi Hotel

Nam: (5) ………? (What/ do/ morning?)Ba: In the early morning, I went to the beach to swim and sunbathe.Nam: (6) ……….? (the weather/ fine?)

Ba: Yes. The weather was fine in the morning, but sometimes it rained in t he evening.Nam: (7) ………..? (food/ good?)

Ba: Yes, the food was delicious, especially sea food. But they were quite expensive.Nam: ……….? (buy/ souvenirs/ Nha Trang?)Mời bạn đọc tham khảo thêm tài liệu Tiếng Anh lớp 6 tại đây:

Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 6 theo từng Unit: https://vndoc.com/tai-lieu-tieng-anh-lop-6Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 6 nâng cao: https://vndoc.com/tieng-anh-pho-thong-lop-6

Anh lớp 6 Unit: https://vndoc.com/tai-lieu-tieng-anh-lop-6o: https://vndoc.com/tieng-anh-pho-thong-lop-6 https://vndoc.com/test/mon-tieng-anh-lop-6

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